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Finding a Great Dentist in the Port Macquarie Area

by Jan 31, 2020Family Dentist in Port Macquarie

finding a great dentist in the port macquarie area
If you’re searching for the perfect family dentist in the Port Macquarie area, you should think of it as looking for a partner.

This is because you and your dentist Port Macquarie will be working together to achieve optimum oral health. That means it helps to find someone you are comfortable teaming up with.

On the other hand, you are concerned about spending your money well, and from a dentist, you want good, convenient, economical dental care.

The critical question is, “How do I find a great dentist in the Port Macquarie area?”

At Port Macquarie Dental Centre, we want to help you in finding a great dentist in the Port Macquarie area, confident that you will then choose us!

Below are some hints that will help you in your search.

Things to consider when choosing your dentist

  • Location. Whether your dentist’s clinic is just around the corner from your place of residence or requires a commute should be an essential factor in your choice.
  • Hours of operation. If your schedule is already full, choose a dentist that offers more extended hours of operation. You might ask if you can have your treatments after regular working hours. At Port Macquarie Dental Centre, we offer late-afternoon hours for busy patients.
  • Services offered. If you have any particular needs, be sure your dentist offers services that can attend to your needs.
  • Atmosphere. An inviting, clean, and welcoming dental clinic is the one for you. Take a look at the treatment room and equipment before choosing your dentist.
  • Health and cleanliness. The dental clinic must follow the rules, regulations, and laws carefully. Enquire if the clinic follows governmental and industry standards.
  • Staff. Dental procedures can be very stressful. Courteous and professional staff can make the dental experience a better one for the patient.
  • Fees. This is an essential factor when you are ready to choose the dentist that fits the bill. The best thing to do? Just ask!

Conducting your search

  • Word of mouth – Ask for a referral from friends, family members, and trusted health professionals. When listening to recommendations, drill down for specific information about what people like about their dentists. Also, if you have particular requirements—say, you need a dentist who is great with orthodontic treatment—you should talk to others who have received such treatment.
  • Internet – Google, Yelp, and other search/review sites allow you to read reviews about the dentists you are considering. Reviews that include narratives and details are often more trustworthy. Related, check out the dentist’s website as this can give a hint of what they are like and if they pay attention to detail. A sloppy or incomplete website can be the sign of a dentist who doesn’t care.
  • Visit – There’s no better way to decide if a dentist is right for you. While you can’t be certain what treatment you will need in the future, you can assess the quality of the team and the office. If the premises are clean and up-to-date, and the magazines current, chances are good the same is true of the equipment and care.
  • Make a visit for a small treatment – The final step in finding a great dentist is to have them treat you. If you have a bad experience or something doesn’t feel right, there is no reason to go back. You are in charge!

Port Macquarie Dental Centre Cares!

Port Macquarie Dental Centre is small inviting practice conveniently located at 38 Buller Street, Port Macquarie.

We are close to the town centre, but far enough away to avoid hustle, bustle, or overcrowding.

We also offer onsite car parking for your convenience. Also, for your convenience, we offer weekday hours until 6 pm.

Our NEW surgery is entirely modern, relaxing, and comfortable, with floor to ceiling windows viewing the river and Westport Park. We have a Japanese Zen garden outside, and our furniture has been hand-picked for comfort.

Port Macquarie Dental Centre has created the most stress-free and relaxing experience possible!

We are the longest established dental clinic in Port Macquarie area, having been at the same location over 50 years.

We focus on the prevention of dental issues and creating a healthy mouth that supports dental and general health.

Our practice uses the latest dental treatments, procedures, and equipment. Our equipment includes:

Our principal dentist is Dr Dominic Chung BDS. He graduated from the University of Otago, New Zealand in 2002 and worked as a private dentist in New Zealand, in a town called New Plymouth, for two years. He and his family moved to the beautiful Port Macquarie in the early 2009 and took over Port Macquarie Dental Centre.

Dominic has 16 years of experience in comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dentistry. He also has special interests in oral surgery, particularly in wisdom tooth extraction and implant dentistry. He regularly attends seminars to ensure he is updated with the most current dental skills and knowledge.

To learn more about finding a great dentist in the Port Macquarie area, call us on (02) 6583 1711 or book your appointment online.

We are located at 38 Buller St in Port Macquarie.

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